Sneakerhead Dictionary – Acronyms and Terminology

Learn more about Sneaker Terminology and Acronyms as well as Hype Slang .. or Bought a Sneaker with some different Acronyms on the box label such as QS, HS, NRG, PRM maybe others?

Here is our guide to help you understand some Sneaker Terminology and Acronyms as well as slang used in social media, conversations, articles, and sales advertisements like DS / VNDS / DSWT shoe conditions, etc.

Acronyms on shoebox labels

Some acronyms are present on the shoe box labels.

HS – HyperStrike

HS stamped on the box label Nike stands for HyperStrike which is the most exclusive sneakers of all of the rarest.

They come in very limited quantities, as well as most of them are distributed to friends and family (FNF > Friends And Family ) of artists and celebrities.

For example, Nike Air Force 1 “Playstation” was a promotional sneaker offered to Sony employees in 2006.

QS – Quickstrike

QS – Quickstrike Shoes are rare, although they are not as exclusive as the Hyperstrike releases.

Previously, QS shoes didn’t have a release date set on them, but now they do.

Currently available at tier stores that distribute the most exclusive releases.

SP – Special Project

Nike SP Stands for SPECIAL PROJECT represents the highest level of quality as well as Nike’s creative vision.

Most versions of NikeLab are SP and some collaborations are also categorized as SP.

For Example Nike Free Flyknit Mercurial SP

SE – Special Edition

Nike SE means Special Edition

For example Air Jordan 3 Red Cement SE

PE – Player Exclusive

Nike PE stands for Player Exclusive – Exclusive to Players.

In other words, sneakers are made exclusively for an athlete and should rarely be released on the market.

HTM – “Hiroshi-Tinker-Matt”

HTM stands for the first letter of the names of Hiroshi Fujiwara, Tinker Hatfield, and Matt Parker.

HTM means the sneakers were designed by the creative trio.

The trio has been working together since 2002 to create and experiment with the latest technologies and unique designs.

For example Nike Flyknit HTM Trainer

SB – Skateboarding

Nike SB stands for “Nike + Skateboarding” that is, products developed for skateboarding.

Like for example the sneaker model: Nike Dunk SB Low

LS – Lifestyle

Nike LS stands for “Lifestyle” – Sneakers suitable for Lifestyle ie intended for casual use and not recommended for performance/performance.

For example Air Jordan 4 LS

NRG – Energy

Nike hasn’t said exactly what the NRG stands for, but if the nature of launching NRG shoes, such as Nike Yeezy and the Galaxy Foamposite, is something to be followed, NRG could mean Energy or indicate extremely limited items.

For Example Nike Air Yeezy 2 NRG

PRM – Premium

Nike PRM stands for Premium – Shoes are produced from selected materials with superior quality than conventional (premium).

NSW – Sportwear

NSW stands for Nike SportWear New products derived from reinvented classics are considered NSW.

For Example Nike Tiempo (formerly a football boot, has been reinvented into a Lifestyle sneaker).

SW – Sean Wotherspoon

SW means nothing less than Sean Wotherspoon

For example Air Max 1/97 SW

CS – Clean Slate

NIKE CS stands for Clean Slate sneakers with a monochromatic color that allows attention to detail.

For Example Air Max 90 ‘CS’

GS – Grade School

Nike ‘GS’ Stands for Grade School – Kids Size / Small Number Grade and refers to sizes that are for kids. With that, you can get a little cheaper sneaker if your foot is small.

TN – Tunned Air

The acronym NIKE TN on some Nike shoes stands for Tunned Air, which would be a slightly improved Air technology.

OA – On Air

The acronym NIKE OA stands for ON AIR – Viewed at 2019 ON AIR collection launch

CO.JP – Japan Collaboration

Co.Jp: means “Japan Collaboration” – a collaboration with Japan that started in 2000 at the launch of Air Jordan 1 mid.




What is DS? – Deadstock Shoes

There have been sneakerheads debates about what DS means – Deadstock.

Some consider it a reference to the fact that sneakers are no longer produced and sold in stores.

However, most consider the term deadstock to be a shoo-in an entirely new condition.

And when they say they are new, they mean that sneaker has never even been tried

What is

DSWT? – Dead Stock With Tags

DSWT condition sneaker means Dead Stock With Tags – it would be a never-used shoe, new and with labels from the manufacturer properly affixed.

What is

NIB? – New In Box

NIB, or New In Box, refers to sneakers that are untouched in their original box.

The sneakers may be years old, but they remain as fresh as the day they left the factory.

What is

SZ? – Size

The SZ is short for Sneaker Size, it simply means the number of the shoes (Size translated to PT-BR means Size)

What is

TTS? – True To Size

TTS or TRUE TO SIZE is when the sneaker is perfect on your foot, meaning it’s not too big or too tight

What is

NWT? – New With Tag

NWT sneaker stands for New With Tag(s) is nothing more than an alternative to DS (DEADSTOCK) or DSWT (DEADSTOCK WITH TAGS). Sneakers complete with accompanying tags.

What is

VNDS? – Very Near Deadstock

Sneakers VNDS condition stands for (Very Near Deadstock) Fits sneakers that have been tried or worn ​​once/twice and look brand new while keeping the soles clean and spotless and free from marks/signs of wear.

What is Flake?

Withdrawal after seller and buyer agree on a price, time, and place of negotiation.

What is LC? – Legit Check

LC / legit check means: to verify the authenticity of the shoes, to analyze whether the product is original or fake.

What is a Price check?

Price Check means: Check the value of a certain model or CW of some shoes according to its conditions.

What is a Tag?

When you advertise a shoe on a sales group or platform, the tag is proof that the shoe is yours and you have it in your hands.

To create a tag, just write your name on a piece of paper with a date and photograph it next to the product that will be advertised.

What is a High Shoe?

Sneaker high is a high-top model

For Example Air Jordan 1 High OG.

What is a Mid Shoe?

Sneaker Mid is a mid-top model

For example Nike Dunk Mid SB

What is a Low Shoe?

The low sneaker is a low top model such as Nike Blazer Low

What is

CW? – ColorWay

ColorWay Refers to sneaker colors

What is an OG Shoe?

Sneaker OG is Original or an Original Version. Refers to the first sneaker release (as opposed to a relaunch).

Taking the Air Jordan 1 as an example, the OG would be the 1985 release. When a specific shoe is re-released, the word “retro” is added to it.

What is

a Retro shoe?

When a specific shoe is re-released, the word “retro” is added to it.

What is Jumpman?

Jumpman refers to the Jordan Brand logo – the image of Jordan’s gravity-defying feats on the court. The Jumpman appears in almost all Jordan retro and performance sneakers.

What is

Sneaker Drop?

In today’s Hype language, DROP means the release of a sneaker or outfit.

What is

a Reseller?

Reseller / Ressel are resellers, the guys who buy sneakers mainly the most exclusive and disputed on the Drop to resell, depending on the sneaker model they earn 100% to 900% – Currently they are a love-hate relationship in the sneakerhead community.

What is Restock?

Restock is a restock of sneakers in stores – definitely a boon or a second chance to get some pair you didn’t get on the Drop (official release).

What is LPU? Latest Pick Up

LPU Stands for “Latest Pick Up” Showing the most recent sneaker you picked up.

What are Beaters shoes?

They are shoes chosen for daily use. The Beater Means “beating” meaning the shoes used frequently in everyday life.

What is Grails shoe?

First of all, Grails are super rare sneakers and are universally coveted by sneakerheads.

Of course, this means that grails are often hard to find and cost a lot of money. The word can also have a different meaning as well as some sneakers that the person has always wanted or finds special.

What is a Sneaker Sample?

Sneaker Sample is a sneaker prototype made by design before going into mass production.

What are Aglets?

Plastic or metal tips at the ends of the shoelaces

What is Cop or Drop?

What is Cop or Drop? This is one of the most asked questions in the sneakerhead universe before the launch of any sneakers. And does it simply mean“take it or let it go”? if you liked and would buy it is COP… if you did not like it and you probably would not buy it is DROP.